MOOII - (mooi) means 'beautiful'.

Hello and Welcome to MOOII.


We are a retail brand hosting stylish accessories, fancy jewelleries and carefully curated giftware items. Coming from the Dutch word Mooi, meaning beautiful, MOOII prioritises your shopping experience; striving to ensure that every customer leaves our store feeling satisfied and beautiful.


Trendy being the motto at MOOII, here you will find all the latest selections of fashion accessories and giftwares. Our aim is to constantly bring in newer, more exciting styles to meet our customers’ needs.


Offering a broad range of exclusive and internationally recognised brands, we partner with manufacturers that emphasise on uniqueness in design and intricate hand crafted items. Our commitment is to bring you only the finest there is.


MOOII reinterprets elegance and sophistication, never failing to preserve the essence of being fashionable and stylish. We present a wide range of jewelry that caters to such noble qualities but also nonchalant everyday wear and giftwares that are perfect for any special occasion or maybe just a little treat for yourself.


Beautiful and practical, style and comfort, that's MOOII