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Amuseable Lemon is sweet, not sour, and full of lemon-grove groove! A squishy citrus with tussly fur in gentle yellow tufts, this loveable lemon is dressed with zest. You've got to love those brown cordy boots, that nubbly stalk and snazzy cordy leaf!

Jellycat Amuseable Lemon

  • Barcode: 670983118865
    Recommended Age: Suitable from birth
    Batteries Required: NA
    Care Instructions: TBC
    Dimensions (no pkg): 260 x 240 x 145mm
    Display Dimensions: NA
    Inner Carton Dimensions and weight: NA
    Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: NA
    Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 600 x 380 x 240 mm@5.13kgs
    Item Made from: 98% POLYESTER  2% COTTON

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