Toothy Pig keeps his smile nice and clean, and his fleecy tummy is snuggly-soft. This waggle-eared wonder is a joyful pal and loves to have his little trotters tickled. Tug his curly tail (gently!) to make it spring right back. Chilled and cheery in bubblegum pink, he loves to sit and watch the world go by offering a welcoming smile to all passers-by!


Each Bashful has a bag of beads incorporated into its design to help make it sit. All beads are enclosed within a cotton fibre inner bag. Beads are made of polyethylene (HDPE: high density polyethylene).

Jellycat Toothy Pig

Colour: Pink
  • Barcode: 670983092554
    Recommended Age: Suitable from Birth
    Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: 310mm x .268kg
    Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 580x380x350mm, 5.98kg
    Item Made from: 100% Polyester