Prince TATA from Planet BT, who had been traveling with VAN, crashed on Earth. In order to spread love, TATA decides to become a star. Finally, they have met six fascinating members: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, and COOKY to make ‘BT21’, and they are dreaming of becoming the most famous star in the universe, THE UNIVERSTAR! Will BT21 become UNIVERSTAR, and spread love around?

Linefriend/BT21 Airpod Case (Cube Series)

    • BT21 is a grobally beloved character of milliennials created in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS
    • Keep your airpods protected with your own BT21 airpods case
    • materials : silicone (soft)
    • size : 48 x 33.6 x 57.5 mm