SMISKI is everywhere!


Smiski are curious creatures that love hiding in corners and small spaces. A new type of blue Smiski has been discovered in corners of the bathroom!


They stay hidden, and their existence is a bit of a mystery. At night they start to glow, though nobody quite knows why...


Smiski Peek-A-Boo

Body Type: Slim
Pose: Peek-A-Boo
Found: Inside the Toilet Paper roll

Smiski that likes to peek from the inside of the Toilet Paper roll.


Smiski Little (Smelly)

Body Type: Normal
Pose: Holding the Breath
Found: In corners of a rest room

These Smiski Little are always holding breath because they are very sensitive to smell.


Smiski Squatting

Body Type: Normal
Pose: Squatting
Found: In corners of a rest room

This Smiski is always squatting but don't know why. It turns around too much that the eyes meet occasionally.


Smiski Helping Out

Body Type: Normal
Pose: Handing the Toilet Paper
Found: In corners of a rest room

A Smiski that wants to help in case the paper runs out. But doesn't realize that the toilet paper is too tiny.


Smiski Resting

Body Type: Chubby
Pose: Sitting
Found: On the top of the Toilet tank

This Smiski is always thinking something. Maybe observing the rest room or copying the people who sits on the toilet.


Smiski Holding In

Body Type: Slim
Pose: Holding In
Found: In corners of a rest room

A Smiski that is holding in too long to even moveand doesn't know what to do.

Smiski Toilet Series Blind Box

  • Each series has 6 Smiski variations, plus a secret Smiski that is rare to find!
    *The secret Smiski are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assort box.

    Smiski come packaged randomly in blind boxes so you won't know which one you'll get until you open the box.